Sip Street’s Fun and Fruity Drinks

By Justine Ngo

Edited by Coleen Danielle Natividad

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Have a taste of these delightful fruity drinks! Photo by Sip Street. Editing by Rannel Valdez.

Sip Street is the brainchild of co-workers Kiara Dolor and Carla Lopez, who needed a side hustle as the economic recession brought by the pandemic progressed. From there, they started brainstorming ideas. Ultimately, they chose to sell flavored beverages, inspired by the Korean banana & strawberry milk drinks. After which, they started planning by watching videos about how to make drinks, scouting for suppliers, and conceptualizing their logo. “We felt proud of ourselves looking at the logo we made. ‘Nakaka-proud tignan.’ (‘I feel proud, just by looking at it.’) Looking at the logo flashes back the hardship of starting our business, and [I] felt excited, [which made me] start dreaming big.” Carla, one of the co-owners, mentioned.

However, starting a business is definitely not an easy task. They had encountered difficulties in finding suppliers and doing things on their own due to their tight budget. Despite all the challenges, Sip Street was successfully launched last June with the goal of being a business that is commended and trusted by their customers.

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Sip Street’s Salted Caramel-flavored drink. Photo by Sip Street. Editing by Rannel Valdez.

Sip Street offers fruity drinks that are made with fresh and healthy ingredients. They also make use of high quality fresh milk that perfectly blends well with all their flavors. Jellies are also found in each drink to make the drinking experience even more unique!

Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to try out their amazing products. As an avid fan of fruity drinks, I was really excited to dive into these! My personal favorite was the strawberry-flavored drink because I especially liked how it came with strawberry bits, along with the jellies.

Their coffee crumble-flavored drink is another interesting drink in their list of products. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed drinking this, even if I’m not a fan of coffee myself. Overall, all of the flavors I tried had the right amount of sweetness, which made it more enjoyable for me. Moreover, I really liked how the jelly spiced it up, while mixed with the drink.

With their patience, optimism, teamwork, and trust, Kiara and Carla continuously strive to improve their drinks and grow their business. They aim to open a stall by the end of the year.

You may check out their menu here:

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If you’re interested in ordering their wonderful drinks, you may check out their social media pages on Facebook ( and Instagram (@sipstreetmnl). You may also message Kiara and Carla on Viber, Whatsapp, and Telegram at 09957957413 or 09324652234.

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