Quarantine Reflection #5: You are Your Own Source of Medicine

By Julie Ann Lozada

Edited by Dana Eunise Cruz and Coleen Danielle Natividad

Before the COVID-19 crisis, my life was quite active. I used to attend blogger events three to four times a week, do a lot of indoor photoshoots with my friends for our social media contents, and travel a lot outside the metro. After the state of emergency was introduced, the only thing I was allowed to do was go out to the nearest super market once a week and nothing else. Although I’m thriving on the hustle and bustle of an active lifestyle, to be honest, I don’t think the quarantine is really isolating. I keep in mind that being in lockdown does not mean you get frustrated in all aspects of life.

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Poster by Hazel Nobleza

The one most important aspect to remember is that you are not the only one facing the problem. You are asked to stay at home for your own safety and of the community. In fact, I am using this “stay in” time to “go within”. I now have time to read all those books I bought and never opened, write an eBook I have been thinking in my head for a long time, and plant more vegetables in our backyard. On more than one occasion, I had to mute my messenger conversations or pull myself away from Facebook because I am self-isolating from opinions and avoiding chit chats over the virus: that’s necessary for mental stability.

Despite the grim atmosphere around, I refuse to forget that this is probably the time we are all going to be blessed with focus for the things that make life worth living. I had so many ideas to fill my days in these strange times. Being creative is my norm. I am constantly dabbling in videography, but currently, I am vlogging about plant-based recipes. I want to share these to people and educate them to eat healthy all the time, especially today that we need to be healthier to protect ourselves from the virus. If I don’t do this now, it feels like I never will.

I grew up as a vegetarian and I’m now embracing a plant-based lifestyle. Even though I am grateful of my own health, I must do my part to help, take care and protect the vulnerable through my own small ways. I created a Plant-Based Lifestyle Channel in Youtube in the hopes of spreading the message of turning to a “plant-based lifestyle” and helping others find this amazing, abundant lifestyle. I am hoping to encourage more people to try a greener habit and to empower everyone that no matter where they are, there will always be little and big ways to care for the surroundings, which can easily be done at the comfort of our own home.

We must be conscious of what one eats. The single most effective action we can take to combat all the viruses and health issues that most of us is facing right now is to stop eating meat. Limiting your meat consumption can also make a huge difference. You don’t have to become vegan, but eating meat less will significantly help the environment. I feel like when our bodies are receiving all the nutrients we need, we are much less likely to binge or crave things that don’t actually nourish us because our nutritional needs are being met.

Whenever possible, try to eat local and in-season produce because they are more affordable. It’s also equally important to eat organic produce, the one than can be grown in your own backyard or in a pot which hasn’t been sprayed with toxic pesticides and other environmentally detrimental chemicals. It is healthier, plus we can all contribute for a greener environment. Mother Nature provides us with all the plants we need to create the most nutritious, delicious meals possible. It is truly a gift that we are not only able to survive but have the ability to thrive in abundance without having to harm any creatures or this beautiful earth. With all these, you will consume radiance and beauty, which would reflect outwardly. Your skin will glow, your eyes will shine, you’ll gain more high-spirited energy, and attract love and happiness into your life.

However, when you consume cruelty, suffering, and death, you will feel sluggish, unmotivated and tired. Stress hormones are secreted just before an animal is slaughtered, and held in their fat and muscle cells. When you consume their dead bodies, you are literally ingesting those negative emotions into your own body. What we consume is what we become. We all grew up never questioning why we eat the way we do, being brainwashed into thinking meat is healthy and “necessary”, all the while harming our health, the environment, and innocent animals in the process.

Viruses like COVID-19 are zoonotic viruses, caused by unsustainable farming and trading wild-life and domestic animals. Humans indirectly and directly caused all of them in us by messing with animals in some way. There would be less pandemics in Plant-Based Lifestyle, especially in a vegan world.

My goal is to inspire people to change their habits, little by little. Of course, it would be hard at first, but eventually you’ll find a rhythmical pattern and the beauty in this. It would become so much simpler and easier than the way you are living before. Over time, the changes would start feeling normal & less like a challenge. Soon, these things would become comforting to help you live a happy life.

Let us learn to unlearn and get reintroduced to our true selves so that we can walk out after this pandemic as new people into a new healthy world with new experiences and challenges. Together, we must consider the health of the entire planet. Let us preserve the world, the people, and the environment it contains so that future generations could do the same. I use my diverse skills, experience, knowledge, and voice to make this world a better place.

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