Frontliner Story #6: Atty. Xavier Henry L. Zamora

Lawyers are Pandemic Frontliners Too

By Atty. Xavier Henry L. Zamora

Edited by Serina Mara Alonzo

While the public is being reminded to stay home until the virus has been contained, in my case, it is a different story and it has not always been that easy.

In my three years of service as Public Attorney, I enjoyed every day and pursued my work with passion. I love my profession because it enables me to make a difference in another person’s life, and it gives me the opportunity to be of service.

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Poster by Renz Lalic

Our work, by its nature, requires contact with people. We speak with our clients including those deprived of liberty by visiting jails and other custodial facilities. We attend court hearings and represent our indigent clients. We are also susceptible to the dangers of contagion.

Because of the pandemic, our daily routine was affected, but we had to adapt to these changes quickly. We still continue attending court hearings (physically or via video conferencing), standing up for our fellow Filipinos who are incarcerated (deprived of liberty), filing petitions and motions for their temporary release so that they could be with their family during these tough times, and providing non-judicial services (legal counselling, Oath Administration, etc.).

Lawyers are selflessly stepping up amid a health emergency.

My everyday work during these tough times feels like going to a battlefield without seeing the enemy. Going out plagued with fear and doubt is no joke and I know I am not alone in this battle. I left my family and home in Albay and Sorsogon to serve amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We all miss our family and friends, going out for great drink and adventure… but for now, let’s observe social distancing, wear face mask, bring alcohol, and be responsible.

The Government may declare ECQ, GCQ, MGCQ, but it will all still depend on us. If you want to stay home and behave like we are on ECQ, you can do it. If you want to go out, please follow the rules (wear face mask, observe social distancing, etc). Fear-mongering and telling others “Matira Matibay” brings no good, so instead of sowing fear, let’s just encourage each other to take precautions and wish each other well.

We’ll get through this.

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