By The Frontliner Today

Tuberculosis (TB) has become one of the deadliest airborne diseases in the Philippines, with the country’s occurrence rate being the highest in Asia.

(L-R) Tuberculosis survivors Louie Teng, Mark Agana and Malaya Relacion

Among the majority of patients, receiving adequate TB therapy is the best way to combat the disease, but it is not the only…

By Maria Elena Catajan

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

Screenshot from IBAGIW 2020: The 3rd Baguio Creative City Festival (AVP)/TWIMedia (Red Aquino and Ferdie John Balanag)

How essential is art during a pandemic? In November 2020 Baguio…

Knowing the Drive Behind Young Aspiring Medical Practitioners

By Kristian Rivera

In a developing country like the Philippines, healthcare and research is far behind. The nation’s healthcare workers continue to struggle with limited resources, awaiting investments or support.

Little do we know that healthcare and economic development are more closely related than what we think. When a state…

The Frontliner Today

We exist to document the lives and stories of our frontliners, who have devoted themselves to saving the lives of Filipinos during times of crisis.

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